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Whether you need the interior or exterior painted in your Murfreesboro, TN home, Premier Painting Solutions will help you get the job done right. Our skilled painting professionals will not leave until the job is done right! Our work is guaranteed and we are a fully licensed and insured painting company. We provide free quotes and there are no hidden costs or additional costs at the end. What we quote will be your price no matter what!

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Interior House Painting in Murfreesboro TN

Painting is a job that takes a lot of patience and skill to master. The interior of a home is a tough place to paint because one small mistake is very noticeable to you, your family and your guests. Premier Painting Solutions of Murfreesboro has the experience to make your home look like new. We do not cut any corners and your finished painting project will be exactly what you envisioned from a professional painting company.

Interior Painting is All About Preparation

Our preparation includes going through the painting project thoroughly with you and finding out exactly what is needed to be done. Our painting professionals will ensure that the room is ready to be painted before we start, meaning that your furniture, floors and valueables are completely covered so that there is no mess. When we are finished, you will be able to go into the finished area as if no one was ever there.

Our painting services include:exterior painting

  • Fix any cracks or holes
  • Fix any joints that need repair
  • Fix any corner beads
  • Sand walls for a smooth finish

Premier Painting Solutions of Murfreesboro does extensive preparation to ensure that the finished project is exactly the way you want it. Our business comes from referrals and we have built a strong reputation in the Murfreesboro, TN market.

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Whether you need interior or exterior house painting services, Premier Painting Solutions would be happy to be your Murfreesboro painting contractor of choice. Give us a call today at 615.220.1980 and we would be delighted to come out and give you a free estimate.

Exterior House Painting in Murfreesboro

If the exterior of your Murfreesboro, TN home is starting to look a bit drab, it may be time to consider talking to professional painters for that new look and feel. Premier Painting Solutions of Murfreesboro provides full service exterior painting.


Painting the exterior of a home can be extremely difficult. It takes an experienced painting company to be able to handle the average exterior painting job. Premier Painting Solutions of Murfreesboro offers decades of experience painting some of the grandest homes in and around the Murfreesboro, TN area. Painting is our passion and we are committed to providing the most professional level of service to all of our customers. Whether your home is large or small, Premier Painting Solutions can transform it into a thing of beauty at a price that is fair and competitive.

Proper Insurance for Exterior Painting

When hiring a painting contractor, you are likely looking mostly at cost and quality of work. While these are both important, determining whether a contractor has the proper insurance is also vitally important. With the dangers of exterior painting, it is imperative that the painting contractor that you choose have the proper insurance for house painting. Murfreesboro, TN paint companies may say that they have the proper insurance, but it is up to you to verify that the insurance is valid.

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